Preferred receipt options

Personalised preferred delivery

We offer you individual services for your received parcels throughout Switzerland. As soon as your parcel has been passed to DHL, you will receive an e-mail or SMS notification. In this message, you can determine the delivery services for your parcel individually - of course, free of charge for you. 

Change the date of your delivery

If the specified delivery day does not suit you or you want a delivery for a specific occasion, you can simply move the DHL delivery to your preferred day.

Issue signature approval

Arrange a delivery without signature.

Deliver to a neighbour/reception area

Identify someone in your immediate neighbourhood with whom we can leave your parcel if you are not around.

Pick up at a DHL ServicePoint

Identify a DHL ServicePoint nearby at which we can leave your parcel if you are not around.

Note: For international shipments, please ensure that all customs-related charges have been cleared before delivery. If you have any questions about your preferred delivery, please contact customer service.

Saturday and evening deliveries

We will even deliver your parcels, provided you're at home, in the evening up to 8 p.m. and on Saturdays, depending on your postal code area.