DHL Online Franking
Easy online franking

The DHL online franking service is a quick, easy and economical way to frank and pay for your parcels online. You can frank shipments for delivery throughout Switzerland. Your parcel stamp is ready to print in just a few steps.

Your advantages

  • Free use around the clock
  • Create the parcel label directly in your Internet browser
  • Print on your own PC
  • Pay securely online

How it works

  • Get your parcel stamp here online or via "Frank online now"
  • Pay for your parcel stamp via credit card or Paypal
  • Print the parcel stamp out and attach it to your parcel
  • Drop off the franked parcel in at your nearest DHL ServicePoint

Tip: Use our ServicePoint Finder to find your nearest drop-off point.

Requirements for using DHL online franking

  • You will receive the parcel stamps in the form of a PDF download. To display your PDF document, you will need a copy of Adobe Reader. You can download this for free here. Please note that the PDF download can usually only be provided once.
  • Internet connection when using and printing
  • Current Internet browser (all popular browsers are supported)
  • Printer
  • DIN A4 paper (plain, white or recycled) or labels

Frank your parcel directly online for shipping throughout Switzerland.